Route Maintenance and Multi-Hop Routing in Iot using Optimization Algorithm


  • Shyama Chandra Prasad Associate Professor, Department of CSE, Matrusri Engineering College, Saidabad, Hydearabad-500 059


Fitness Parameters, IoT Network, Multicast, Path, Routing


In various Internet of Things (IoT) applications, messages are distributed to a few nodes or objects, based on the multicast transmissions. Nevertheless, in IoT, preceding multicast routing models are mainly concentrated on adhoc sensor networks; however, they are not robust and receptive in IoT environment. Therefore, this work develops a multicast routing protocol on the basis of the adopted optimization technique named Enhanced Shark Smell Optimization (ESSO) Algorithm on the basis of World Cup Optimization (WCO) Algorithm in the IoT network. From the multicast source node, the multicast path is modeled to several destinations using the multicast routing protocol. To multiple destinations, the multicast source node forwards the packet concurrently. At first, by adopting the adopted optimization model, the nodes are experimented with together in the IoT network and carry out the multi-cast routing model in an efficient way. The multicast routing model is performed by the multicast routing protocol by exploiting the multi-objective parameters namely delay, distance, link quality factors, energy, and trust. Moreover, using the fitness measure, the multicast routing path is effectually selected on the basis of the proposed method. By exploiting various fitness parameters, the path with the least distance is chosen as the optimal path. The multicast routing model is performed efficiently by the developed optimization approach by combining the parametric features.


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